Potash Brook

Our class took a trip to Potash Brook, a stream located in Burlington, Vermont. We assessed the health of the stream and this information helped us in learning about keeping Lake Champlain healthy. The slideshow on the home page is of us at the brook. 

An example of the data we collected:

Temperature of water: 12° C

Phosphate: 0.1511 milligrams per Liter

Dissolved Oxygen: 12 milligrams per Liter

PT Group 1 #taxa: 4

PT Group 2 #taxa: 6

PT Group 3 #taxa: 0

PT Group 4 #taxa: 0

Current Weather: Overcast

Weather (past 48 hours): sunny, overcast, showers

Surrounding land uses: Forest, residential, farm, park

Canopy cover: 65%

Water appearance: milky, cloudy

Embeddedness of rocks: 48.6% embedded

Turbidity: 52.3 cenimeters

Current velocity: 0.32 meters per second

Stream habitat assessment score: 14

Stream habitat assessment rating: good