How Can You Help?


Now you know a little bit about types of pollution that can affect our lake. But how can you help prevent them from reaching the lake?


Solution: Your best option is to not use fertilizers in the first place. A farmer benefits from using fertilizers to produce crops, but do you really need your lawn to look greener? If do use them, buy the organic kind and only use what you need. 

Animal Waste

Solution: Always pick up after your pets. Convince your community to do so as well. Avoid walking your pet near streams and other waterways. Instead, walk them in grassy areas such as parks

Water Treatment Plant

Solution: Make sure that water treatment plants are properly removing pollutants from the water. 


Solution: Turn off electrical equipment (TV, lights) when they aren't in use. Take shorter showers instead of baths and turn off the water when you aren't using it. This might not affect factory emissions, but it will certainly improve the quality of your lake! 

Road Salt

Solution: There's not much you can do about road salt, but a good alternative is sand! Ask your community to use sand on the roads instead of salt. Clean it off your car to prevent it from spreading. 


Solution: If you are raking your leaves in the fall, remember to put them in bags and leave them out for the city to collect. If you see leaves in a storm drain, clean them out before it rains.

Car Washing

Solution: Wash your car on your lawn instead of your driveway. The grass will soak up the soap and prevent it from rolling down your driveway, into the road and into the lake.  


Solution: Don't litter! Instead of being lazy and throwing your trash on the ground, just find a nearby trash can or recycling. On green-up day, help your community by cleaning up trash around your neighborhood.