Why Does it Matter?


What's the point of putting your raked leaves in bags, washing your car on the lawn or using sand instead of road salt anyway?


Do you want to be drinking dirty water? See an oily, grimy lake when you walk to the waterfront? Be swimming alongside dead fish and floating trash in green, murky water? See trash scattered across the beach and think, "Who would leave trash on our beautiful lake?" Then you realize that you were the one that left that soda can, wrapper, glass, and paper there. We don't want Lake Champlain to be known as a dump for our communities waste. There is no way of stopping this unless we act now! Together, we have the choice to destroy our lake or save it. We don't want our kids or our grandchildren's children to live where the earth is a dump. Why does this matter? Without the clean, healthy world we knew yesterday, we are all goners tomorrow.